4 things to look out for when buying a blazer

Have you ever bought a blazer and found that it didn’t fit? Or worse, that the blazer was either too wide or the cut didn’t flatter your body? There are many reasons why blazer shopping is one of the scariest things to shop from whether you’re a guy or a girl. That’s why we’ve put up a quick guide to help you find that perfect blazer.

Single Breasted Or Double?

Single breasted jackets work best on people who are skinnier and already have a natural physique on which their blazer can sit perfectly on. Double breasted blazers are better for people who have a bit of a muffin top as the buttons give the blazer a better fit and smoother over any ungainly bumps.

Are You Lined?


A lot of people who buy blazers always forget that the inside of a blazer is just as important as the exterior, sometimes even more. So check the lining. Traditionally suits are lined with silk (for expensive suits) and satin (for cheaper versions). The reasons why there suits are lined with satin is that they are supposed to mold against your body and because Silk/Satin is smooth, it makes it easier to slide your blazer on or off.

The kind of material your suit is made from is a good index for whether your suit should be lined or not. Linen and cotton suits shouldn’t have a lining, as they are breathable and meant for hotter climates. Lining with satin which is synthetic and holds in air and moisture would be counter productive.


The size of your lapel is determined by what you want to use your blazer for. Oval ended shawl lapels are usually used on traditional tuxedo dinner jackets and as such should be avoided if your blazer is for everyday wear. A wider peak lapel is best if you have a thin neck or wide collarbones, thinner notch lapels are better for bigger people as they give the illusion of thinness.


Always check that all the buttons on your blazer are functional instead of aesthetic. The buttons on your blazer sleeve should all unbutton, as do the buttons on your pockets and inside flaps. Functional buttons means that your blazer is high quality and will last longer


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