Timi Dakolo and Bryan Okwara front Ouch’s ‘My Way’ campaign

Nigerian label Ouch, helmed by Uche Nnaji is known for its instantly recognizable polo shirts, and heavily acsessorised suits. Ouch is also known for it’s high profile ‘ambassadors’, a title somewhat similar to a brand ambassador but not as demanding. In 2015, the brand announced that Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo was joining its ranks of ambassadors that include long time collaborators, Uti Nwachukwu, Bryan Okwara and Alex Ekubo.

The label has released its first editorial with its new crop of ambassadors called ‘My Way’. The new collection which constitutes an assortments of suits, tunics and accessories features fashion blogger Ernest Danjuma alongside Okwara and Dakolo. According to the label, fabrics were sourced from several countries across three continents to make the collection. Ouch’s strongest asset has always been its accessories, and the My Way collection proves this yet again. The offering of print silk ties, carry-on suitcases and dress shoes are visual delights that give over and over.

It is somewhat disappointing though that Nnaji continues to rehash old silhouettes, forgoing the opportunity to experiment or advance the aesthetic of a day suit or tunic. Perhaps the label isn’t getting enough incentive to join the fray of experimental design, and its current clientele favors familiarity over new design possibilities.

Photography: Paul Ukonu.

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