TOS survival guide for trying out a new barber

The one person men are a hundred percent loyal to apart from their mothers, is their barbers. For many men, the only reason they’ll consider finding a new barber is if they had to move to a new country, or the barber died. So naturally, trying out a new barber for the first time is the hardest thing to do, your hairline and reputation is at stake if he ends up being shit, but we bet you these tips will help.

  1. Referral from just one friend isn’t enough. When looking for a new barber the natural first step after getting over the heartbreak of losing the last one is to ask your guys where they get their own trims done. Don’t ask just one of them, ask all. Ask random strangers on the street with fresh trims where they got it done. Make a poll and go for the barber with the highest votes.
  2. If you have a younger brother, cousin or nephew (preferably preteen) go with him, and let him get his hair done first. The odds are if the barber fucks up his hair, his hairline will survive it, yours on the other hand won’t.
  3. If he doesn’t have a photo of Ludacris somewhere in his shop, then he definitely can’t be trusted.
  4. Pop in a few times before trying him out. If you check him out two or three random times and his chair is always empty, don’t go back to him.
  5. If he shares a salon with a couple of other barbers, but seems always running errands for the others then he’s probably new to the job, go for someone with more experience.
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