#AMVCAs2016: From RMD to Ramsey…The 10 most striking male looks

We covered our top 10 must see looks from the ladies at the AMCVAs yesterday, and while the ladies gave us a lot to talk about this year, the men were definitely not slacking.

Check out our must see looks from the men.

Yes we are proud memebers of the new RMD fan club, and in suits like this, you really can’t blame us.Screenshot_20160308-183111_1

Majid Michel and Ramsey Noah
While Majid’s suit is obviously rather ill fitted, Ramsey would have gotten top marks if he was headed to a bank job interview and not an award show.


John ‘Mr. Ibu’ Okafor
We get that he’s a funny man, and he lives to crack up his audience, but if that’s what he was going for with this look, it was a definite miss.

Kunle ‘Frank Donga’ Idowu
Now this funny man got it very right. This blue three piece suit was well tailored and fits perfectly.


Denola Grey
Denola’s pastel blue suit, was different and it totally worked for him.IMG_20160305_220134

We wanted so bad to like Falz’s look, because it was different and well it’s Falz. But this just looks wrong; the yellow suit with the light brown shoes and green bow tie, and dark brown pocket square, it was all a little too much to take in at once.Screenshot_20160308-183029_1

IK Ogbonna
Ogbonna on the other hand, pulled off his coloured suit perfectly. The cut and fit was amazing and the accessories perfectly matched with the suit.IMG_20160305_220143

Joseph Benjamin
Even though we are not exactly drooling over Joseph’s look, we love that he went native. Plus there had to be at least one Lagos baby boy on this list.


Timini Egbuson
We loved this look on Timini. We love that like RMD, he isn’t afraid to try out the Akwa-Oche look. He even manages to pull of this odd shade of brown.


We don’t know where Killz has been hiding, but if he’s going to look this good each time he comes out, he should please stay there.

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