7 grooming products all men should have

Dear men, we ladies don’t keep all those fancy bottles of products in the bathroom just for the fun of it, or to annoy you guys. We actually need them -well most of it anyway.

Just like us, you guys need certain grooming products, and these are the 5 you must always have.

  1. Shampoo
    You can get those 2 in 1 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, but if you are very particular about your hair you should get a separate bottle of conditioner. Don’t worry no one is going to question your sexuality just because you take care of your hair.
  2. Cologne
    I know most of you guys already have this one locked down but it doesn’t hurt to mention it.
  3. Acne wash
    If your skin is acne prone, get an acne wash already those pimples aren’t going to clear up themselves. And if they eventually do, chances are you are just going to keep breaking out in future.
  4. Moisturizer
    “Kyoku for men body lotion” is a pretty good moisturizer for men. It has a very woodsy, manly smell but is probably more moisturizing than your girlfriend’s moisturizer. You could also get Aveeno, which is pretty much unscented but very moisturizing and non greasy.
  5. Shaving cream
    If you don’t keep a beard, then you probably have to use this every morning. Stop buying the first one your hand hits in the supermarket, splurge a bit and get something fancy. You’ll never go back once you start using it.
  6. Post shave balm
    Never skip out on using this after shaving, it helps soothes any shaving cuts and prevents razor bumps.
  7. Beard Oil
    For the beard gang members, we appreciate how full and lush your beard looks but we’ll appreciate it even more if you took care of it just a little bit. Use beard oil to groom it daily so your girlfriend doesn’t feel like she is kissing a cheap carpet anytime she kisses you.
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