TY Bello’s Take On: Ibidun Ighodalo

I was talking to @_ujumarshall about what makes her every photographer’s favourite model and she broke it down- It’s all in the eyes.

She’s right. I’ve photographed some of the most beautiful people and there’s sometimes, something missing at the beginning when I’m trying to connect. So I push harder and try to break in.

It’s the eyes that tell me when I’m home. When the person’s spirit is allowed to express itself. The eyes just synch with everything else and the expressions are powerful .. Even when there’s no obvious expression. When Ibidun lets you photograph her, as shy as she is, she lets you.

Everything that she is comes through the camera and you suddenly feel blessed by the opportunity to be photographing someone so beautiful. True beauty lies beyond our features and isn’t scripted. That’s why I believe God switches it up every single day in every human made.

I celebrate a beautiful human being and the amazing project she’s about to bless so many women with.



Photography– TY Bello

Makeup– Meekness


Everything beautiful.

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