We asked 6 women about their most embarrassing style mishaps


Went out with a guy, and two of the straps on one of my heels snapped off. I had to take of my shoes and walk bare feet to my cab, at the end of the night.


I’m a double d cup, and the strap of my bra popped once, when I went out. It wasn’t the greatest bra and I had to use my arms to prop up the fallen boob through out the day.


I wore a skater skirt to go visit my brother at St.Gregory’s- it’s an all boys boarding school. My skirt got blown all the way up, apart from the fact that that was inappropriate for a group of teenage boys to see, my underwear was inappropriate for any one at all to see. I got snickers and side eyes from kids and parents the whole day.


Wore an all white outfit to go see a friend, I got splashed with muddy water by a car and had to come home like that. I could feel every passerby looking at me like oni doti.


I went for an interview in a too tight skirt I convinced myself was ‘smart,’ then I got a small rip underneath the zip that kept getting bigger as I waited for my turn. Walking into the interview was no problem, but I tried to back out of the room instead of turning to leave, I ended up tripping and falling.


I wore a strapless dress to a party without a bra, had a little too much to drink and ended up flashing everyone at the party.

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