We talked to 3 women with white collar jobs about their dream fashion jobs

We all had dream jobs as kids, and they include everything from astronauts to clowns. For these 3 women, their dream jobs have always been in the fashion industry, but in reality they have regular 9-5s. We asked them to start by introducing themselves and telling us a bit about what they currently do, and what fuels the passion for their dream jobs.

Eddidiong Idem 

Hi, I’m Eddy and I’m a lawyer, I’ve been practicing for about 6 years and specialize in Tax Law. As a kid I wanted to be a fashion designer, not just design but sew too. My mother is a tailor and I used to collect scrap fabrics she wanted to trash and use them to make dresses for my dolls. I remained pretty hell bent on this career path even through secondary school, by then I could actually sew because I took up Clothing and Textiles as an elective, and used to make some crude dresses for myself. Reality set in when it was time to write JAMB. My Dad just laughed it off when I told him what I wanted to do and personally filled my JAMB form with “Law”. I got in, and the rest is history. I always wish I stood my ground but the time for that has passed and I’m more focused on my legal career.

Ganiyat Adefemi 

Hello my name is Ganiyat and I’m a secondary school Math teacher and I’ve been teaching Math for just 2 years. I’m 6’1ft in flats and I’ve always had a rather slim almost boyish look, so naturally I wanted to be a model. It started in secondary school, I was tall for my age and class and used to get gassed up by adults and friends about how much I looked like a model. This continued through University and I made one or two attempts to model, but it somehow just never panned out. I’m married now with a kid, so I don’t think that career path is still open to me but I always wonder- what if? If I could do it all over again, I’ll definitely give it a serious shot.


Ufuoma Ogbeni 

Hi, I’m Ufy and I’m a medical doctor, actually I’m currently a resident. Fashion illustrator most definitely, I’m very creative and wicked with a paper and pencil. I used to doodle and draw on everything as a kid and teenager, and it was usually fashion figures, we call them croquis. I was obsessed for a period of my life, I learnt all the terms and techniques and was convinced I would somehow make a career out of it someday, even through medical school. Then life happened and I realized practising medicine was a quicker way to not starve.

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