How to wear florals like an adult

Styling florals can be a little tricky. You don’t want to overdo it and end up looking like a garden or a ten year old, even though this seems unavoidable especially with clothes like maxis or co-ords in floral print. We’ve come up with a couple of style hacks to help you get it right every-time.

  1. A floral dress, is the simplest and safest way to go for anyone who loves the trend. You can’t overdo it except you match it with matching floral accessorizes of course. Accessorize in solid muted colours that draw all the attention to the dress.
  2. You can match your florals with other patterns. This might sound like a disaster on paper but actually turns out pretty good when you try it out. Combining them with striped patterns works especially well.
  3. Mix and match your florals when styling your co-ords. Matching them works great, but mixing them up is way more fun.
  4. Accessories are a great way to join in on the trend, if you don’t like to wear bright colours.
  5. A blazer is also a great way to go, for someone who doesn’t want to go overboard on the florals.
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