What is wrong with the sales girls at the MAC store in Ikeja?

Just so we are clear, this post is not a rant and the title does not mean to be a passive aggressive statement, even though it might come off as one. I genuinely want to know, what’s wrong with the sales girls at the MAC store in Ikeja City Mall.

Lagos stores are not known to have terrific customer service, and we’ve grown accustomed to that. It has just become one of those things that comes with living in Lagos. But every once in a while, you come across customer service so appalling that even being a life long Lagosian, doesn’t prepare you for it.

I wouldn’t be putting up this post if I was the only one complaining about the problem with the attendants at the MAC, and how much wahala it takes to get someone to attend to you properly. But this is a problem I have dedicated time to do an in-depth research on -basically talked to a ton of people who all have the same complaints. And the general consensus of most people I talked to, who have been to the store is that the sales girls are rather overbearing.

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Maybe I’m exaggerating their shitty customer service, maybe I need to expand my survey beyond family and friends. So if you’ve ever experienced shitty service at MAC store at ICM, please raise your hands, let us know when we need to put out an official petition.
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