Why do I have to wear a bra just because I have D cups?

I started developing boobs once I turned ten. By the time I was sixteen I had D cups, and my breasts have stayed at about that size till now.

For as long as I have had boobs, I have hated bras, I was quite the tomboy as a kid, and I couldn’t understand why I was being made to wear this contraption my brothers didn’t have to wear.

I also didn’t understand why my chests wouldn’t stop swelling, but by the time I turned thirteen I discovered boys, and quickly came to the realization that my boobs were to be appreciated.

Bras on the other hand remained the enemy, I received countless ass whoopings from my mother when she discovered that I was refusing to wear the bras she bought me, or that I had trashed them.


I am twenty eight now and nobody is going to give me an ass whooping if I don’t put on a bra. I however get numerous dirty looks from women on the street, shocked gasps from some older ones, lewd remarks from some men, and unsolicited advice from people telling me how I am “too big” to be going around without a bra.

It’s 2016 and #FreeTheNipple has become not just another trend, but a feminist movement, one that encourages women to embrace their bodies in the same manner as a man would. Somehow this movement seems to be reserved for only girls with A cups.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been constantly prancing around the streets of Lagos with my D cups swinging about with every step I take – I doubt I’ll even survive it,- but every once in a while, when I decide to take a break from wearing a bra, like many other women I know, I wish it won’t be seen as such a lewd act just because I happen to have D cups.


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