You are probably taking off your makeup all wrong

We spend a considerable amount of time on our faces whenever we are getting them on. We put on so many layers of makeup, starting from the primer, to foundation and concealer and so on. Taking off all that makeup at the end of a day, seems easy enough. But the odds are that you are probably doing it wrong.

Let’s start with eye makeup. We’ve all woken up at one time or the other with left over eye makeup smeared around our eyes. It might be your waterproof eyeliner, -which admittedly is always a bitch to remove- or even some leftover eyeliner from your waterline.

The solution? get yourself  a bottle of eye makeup remover. You don’t even have to spend money on a fancy one you could make a DIY version with coconut oil. Don’t scrub at your eyes when you are taking off your eye makeup, move the cotton pad in downward, then upward strokes.

Pretty much something like this
Pretty much something like this.

Then there’s the rest of your face.

For this, you can’t avoid getting a proper makeup remover for starters. Using makeup removal wipes alone is not enough to get rid off all the makeup on your face.

After using your makeup remover, you can not avoid washing your face no matter how lazy you might feel about it. After using a wash, use a toner to get rid of any excess makeup and dirt left on your face, and also tto balance the PH of your skin. Don’t forget to moisturize -yes in this heat-, get a light moisturizer to use at night so your skin doesn’t breakout.

Get yourself a makeup remover like Mulan's
Get yourself a makeup remover like Mulan’s
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