You’ve probably been shopping for bras all wrong

A lot of ladies don’t realize that buying a bra is beyond just buying your perfect cup and band size. Sometimes we get bras in our perfect size, but they somehow still don’t fit properly. If you’ve been having this problem, you should check out all the steps you probably miss, when bra shopping.

  1. When trying out the bra, make sure the outermost hook at the back that it’s a perfect fit when it’s on the outermost hook at the back, and not just the middle or innermost hook. The reason is simple, with the time wearing your bra continuously on the middle or innermost hook, will cause the band of the bra to get slack faster.
    Woman Holding Bra Fastener
  2. Stop buying bras in the exact size you think your boobs are, and focus instead on how the particular bra fits you. Our boobs are weird, for starters one is usually bigger than the other, and they increase and decrease all through the year, due to one reason or the other.
  3. You need to buy at least one multi purpose bra. You know those ones that the straps come off, so they can double as a strapless bra but at the time give your boobs all the support it needs, and look good under almost anything you wear. You might have to search long and hard for a perfect one for you, but it’s out there I promise.
  4. Garment care plays a huge part in the lifespan of your bra after buying it. If you want them to last longer, hand wash instead of just throwing them into the washing machine. Also stop wearing your bras three four days in a row, the elastic needs time to snap back after each wear.
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