Top 5 stylish looks that make a good first impression

by Sarah Ifidon


Sure, you’ve heard over and over again that you can never get a second chance to make a good first impression. That’s so true, but what if your first impression could result in a lasting impression. Remember Ebuka Obi-Uchendu at the Wellington’s wedding? That’s the lasting impression magic!

By being punctual to meetings and creating good conversations at gatherings, you can definitely leave a mark in the minds of your receptors. However, as a fashion enthusiast, you might want to focus on what you wear to cause a ruckus in the minds of these said receptors. Let them remember you for what you wear, and as the saying goes, “dress the way you want to be addressed”.

Let’s get it right.

Plaid Patterned Suit: For your office event, you do not want to look like everyone else in a skirt/pants and t-shirt. Some might go extra with their blazer but you can seal the deal in a patterned plaid. This bold office look will definitely make a first good impression.

Floral Print: You can dress up a dress down event in a floral print dress/skirt with very detailed cuts. This way you’ll appear both girly and interesting, and would definitely attract people’s interest.

Lace Midi: Want to show off some skin while still looking like a million bucks? Then you should definitely try on a lace dress/skirt. This is a bold and sexy look that will lure in the measure of attention you need. With that sealed, you can move on to the game of words to seal that attention deal.

Ankara Magic: If you want to stand out in a good way, then a well-designed Ankara can be your go-to style. You can never go wrong in Ankara as this can be merged with a proper English wear to give it a more edgy good.

Smile: You can never go wrong with a smile. You can look your best but push people away with your expression. Your smile is the ice-breaker and it’s what completes a look. This is the best look that makes a good impression.

Note: Don’t be too dramatic with your outfit choice unless the occasion calls for it. Play on your colors, patterns, and style wisely. The mission is a ‘good’ first impression, not otherwise.


All photos courtesy style blogger, @s4de_u

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