Akwa oche makes a bold comeback. But would you rock?

Akwa oche (Igbo for furniture fabric) is simply velvet ghastly rechristened by overzealous traders. This resurgent trend has been visible on pretty much all the major runways this season.

An interesting contradiction is that back in its heyday, no true style lover would want to be caught dead rocking the same material as their couch covering. Hence, akwa oche was considered a fashion taboo relegated to those in the lowest class of the style world. Probably why a lot of you reading this post would rather go naked than wear akwa oche. That annoying song didn’t help matters either.

But think again.

Akwa oche isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the ugly, gaudy patterns that we automatically associated with poor taste. Like this:

Seriously? What are these??

Contemporary akwa oche trends look something like this:


Here are a couple of other akwa oche pieces we are absolutely loving

Sold on it yet?

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