7 Exquisite Salwar Suits That Would Stand Out This Diwali

Diwali is an important celebration in the Hindu religion. It is the most colorful celebration and even referred to as the festival of light.

The October event is knocking on your wardrobe doors and calling out for the most beautiful salwar suit pieces to be bought or prepared.

Even if you do not have one yet, there still is enough time for you to get a piece or more. You can choose to adorn a Diwali salwar suit in any of the following styles:

1. Tailed salwar suits

Every lady goes for elegance and glamour in Hindu celebrations especially the Diwali celebrations. Dubbed the celebration of light, the tailed salwarkameez suits give off the most sophisticated look that will make you the envy of the party. You can go for an unstitched salwar suit with crystal stone embellishments.

2. Patiala salwar suit sets


Patiala salwar suits are must have wardrobe fashion sets especially when you prefer wearing loose-fitting patterned pants. This is a beautiful suit that exudes classiness in a very respectful manner.

The loose fitting attire can be stitched in different ways and colours ensuring that every lady gets to wear different designs of classic Indian wear.

This style of the salwar suit can be worn with open flat shoes, closed high heels, open high heels or closed flat/doll shoes. The blouse neck designs vary greatly and they will determine the amount and size of jewelry you wear.

3. Trail suit sets

These suits have very many different designs depending on your taste, the occasion, and personal style/lifestyle. The trail salwar suit will give you the chance to dress fashionably but modestly. A trail blouse, dress or chiffon fabric used as sleeves contributes to the exquisite trail suit design that would make your Diwali celebrations even more fun.

4. Short kameezsalwar suits


This is the perfect salwar suit design for anyone who’d love to wear tights and a long blouse. High heels and flat shoes, open or closed can be worn with these fashionable suits.

5. Angrakhasalwar suits

Though these suits were mostly worn during the Mungal period, modern design and change in fashion taste have resulted in modifications to the suits. There are different designer patterns, notes of stones, embroideries, zari and/or dabka. There also are more diverse colour combinations resulting in perfect wear events other than Diwali.

6. Achkansalwar suits

There are diverse designs of the Achkansalwar suits. The designs aren’t limited to wearing the blouse with trousers. You can always mix things up, wear trousers, tights or dresses/gowns to finish off the look. The achkan suits are better suited for older women though younger women can wear them too. Most recent designs incorporate stone embellishments, colour blocking, and floral patterns.

7. Long Anarkalisalwar suits

This Diwali fashion wear is exquisite as they have a characteristic contemporary and/or vintage look. They are perfect for Hindus and non-Hindus celebrating Diwali or any other cultural/religious celebrations.

In conclusion, you can rock any one or more of these salwar suit designs during the upcoming Diwali celebrations. The suits are perfect wear for any other occasions besides Diwali and you will not have spent money on one-off fashion wear. Go for designs that will bring out your best during and after the celebrations.

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