12 style questions we know you’ve asked yourself lately

When going through the usual beauty/style routines that come with being a woman, certain questions cross our minds. These are the most popular questions we know you’ve asked yourself over and over again, because we have too.

  1. Can I get away with wearing this short top with leggings? My camel toe can’t be that bad.
  2. Is my came toe popping out really such a big deal?
  3. I’ve been wearing these white jeans for a total of twenty three minutes, they must be a total mess by now.
  4. Do these jeans look clean enough to get one more wear out of them?
  5. I don’t need to wash this bra yet right? It’s black and nobody is seeing it.
  6. Do those stick bra things work for anybody, especially once you start sweating?
  7. Breaking into new heels is a myth right? These shoes are going to hurt forever.
  8. Do I really need to shave down there? Or my legs? Or my armpits?
  9. Will I ever find a foundation shade that will match my skin tone perfectly?
  10. Will I ever find a perfectly comfortable bra that makes my boobs look great at the same time?
  11. What the hell is *insert new beauty trend of the day*??
  12. I’m probably the only one who has *insert style problem almost every other woman has.*
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