What are we wearing to the clubs these days?

Lagosians come alive in the night time and club crawls are popular across all age grades (haven’t you noticed all those Uncle Femis in Quilox?), especially on Friday nights. But Lagos’s nightclubs are not quite like the traditional night clubs we have around the world. We have our own special set of rules. One of which is a supposed dress code, which is honestly not too clearly defined, because you can be dressed in your Sunday’s best and still be gated, while someone in slippers and a white tee will brush past you almost immediately and enter.

Lol you'll get in next time
Lol you’ll get in next time

What I am more concerned about however is the dress code for ladies. For some reason ladies go out of their way to look their sleaziest when clubbing, it is almost like if the boobs or ass cheeks are not hanging out, then you cannot be dressed for the clubs.

I understand the need to look sexy, it’s a club not church but most people cross the line between looking sexy and downright skanky. It almost seems like you are guaranteed an automatic pass into most clubs by virtue of the amount of skin you are able to show.

If sleazy is your comfort zone and you see nothing wrong in going out in shorts that have the same hemline as your underwear, it is fine as long as you are comfortable with that. But the truth is that most of the time, ladies who wear those sorts of outfits spend most of the time pulling and tugging at hemlines and adjusting necklines instead of having any actual fun. So why go out in clothes that you know will confine you to a chair all night long?

Ladies when going clubbing please do sexy right, there is a difference between looking smoking hot and assaulting our sensibilities with sights of body parts we could really do without seeing. judgingyou

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