Aunty please you are not the bride- Open letter to wedding guests

We all love weddings, because there is nothing better than getting served free party jollof. And as much as we love to whine about it, we love the fuss of getting ready for them. But one thing a lot of ladies forget when attending weddings is that they are not the bride and it is not their wedding day.

To be honest, weddings are centred more around the bride than the groom. It is literally always her time to shine and anybody walking into a reception hall without prior knowledge of who the bride and groom are should be able to immediately spot out the bride even if she’s not in white.

So why will you wear a white dress with a train to somebody else’s wedding. And I wish that was an exaggeration but it has actually been done.
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Nobody is asking you to dress down when going for a wedding, especially considering how much you spent on the asoebi. Even the bride herself wants you to come looking your best, but there are some outfits you put on and even if you don’t end up stealing the bride’s spotlight, you’ll be sharing it with her.

Haven’t you noticed how most bridesmaids’ dresses are either ugly or just rather plain? It is for the same purpose, to make sure the bride looks outstanding. You might be thinking that this is all vanity and it’s just a ceremony and you may be right but try putting yourself in the bride’s shoes. Even if she is not one to care about such things I am pretty sure she doesn’t want to be looking like the guest standing next to you in the wedding photos.

This is really what she wants to say when she tells you, you look nice
This is really what she wants to say when she tells you, you look nice.

So the next time you are going for a wedding just try and remember you are not the bride so you don’t have to wear your 2,000 pounds limited edition Oscar de la Renta dress to the wedding.

Save it for your own wedding.

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