Bloke NG diversifies away from knits in its Wet 18 collection


For SS18, Faith Oluwajimi  took a trip down memory lane  to recollect memories from his years at school comparing  differences between life in school as a student and life after graduating from school, he believes everyone that he meet  possess a mystical ability to etch a lasting signature on his life.

Faith was strongly inspired with his school experiences. He was consistently pondering on the subtle sense of freedom, unrivaled sense of equality, that he experienced while in school all the way to his final  year where  students  shared memorabilia rituals.

The silhouette for the collection was drawn from the uniforms worn at school the colour palette used in this collection was inspired by the colours taken from Faith’s school uniforms.

In Nigeria once a student graduates from Secondary or High School it is a ritual that students signs each other school uniforms with their names. Faith took this element and included into the collection as a form of Nostalgia remembering school days when he was young and free.

The signatures on each piece was screen printed, and the knitwear was carefully crafted with applique photographs and slogans.

BRAND: BLOKE @bloke_ng




MODELS: OKE TOBILOBA SUBOMI @tobitwigy & BOLU @boluwatifeadesanya

PR: VR CREATIVE AGENCY @vrcreativeagency

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