There are 7 types of boobs, find out what type you have

So apparently there are seven types of boobs in the world and according to lingerie experts, “Third Love” we actually need to know this stuff. It turns out that when buying bras, we don’t only need to think about the cup and band size but also what type of boobs we have in order to find the perfect fit. Check out the 7 types.

  1. East West 
    These are exactly as the name suggests. If your boobs point towards the general directions of the east and west respectively then this is probably you.
  2. Round boobs 
    If your boobs are just as full on top, as they are at the bottom, then you’ve got round boobs. You know, the type that makes people ask if you got a boob job done.
  3. Side set
    These are pretty much like the East West. I’m not sure why they named it twice, but I didn’t make the rules.
  4. Slender 
    Isn’t this just another name for A cup? Anyway these are supposed to be boobs that are longer than they are wide, they also tend to be slimmer at the top but fuller at the bottom.
  5. Bell shaped 
    Just like slender, these are slimmer at the top but fuller at the bottom. The difference between these and slender, are that they are larger.
  6. Asymmetric 
    For most women one boob is usually a little larger than the other, but the difference isn’t usually noticeable. Women with asymmetric breasts on the other hand, have one breast notably larger than the other. It’s not “see a doctor immediately”kind of larger, but it’s noticeable.
  7. Tear Drop 
    These are pretty much larger versions of slender breasts -so the B cups.enhanced-28109-1457307210-5

That’s about it, so what type of breasts do you have?



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