‘What’s your bra size?” and 9 other awkward questions men need to stop asking ladies

I’m not sure why I’m addressing this issue, because as long as water is wet and the sun is hot, men will continue to ask ladies these questions. But I decided to put this out here, in case you guys have never realized just how awkward it is.

  1. What’s your bra size?
    Uncle if you don’t plan to take over her underwear shopping, why are you asking? Is it a line? If it is, has this ever worked for any of you?
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  2. Why are you upset/angry? (usually when we are on our period)
    Well I don’t know. If you had blood continuously gushing out of a hole in your body for five days, I’m pretty sure you’ll be upset too.
  3. Why do you use so much makeup?
    Why do you wear sweat pants?
  4. Have you put on some weight?
    Uh did you get shorter?
  5. Have you tried peeing standing up?
    Wait…Why on earth?…you know what never mind.
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  6. Aren’t thongs/g-strings uncomfortable? 
    Well they look pretty, and beauty is pain
  7. Why are you taking so long to get dressed/made up?
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, be calm
  8. Why do you care so much about your eyebrows?
    Well because…
  9. Why do girls go to the bathroom together?
    There are at least a dozen movies that can show you why going alone is a bad idea.
    200_s (1)
  10. Why spend so much money on makeup/weaves?
    Because we can, because we want to and because we mean to.
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