6 fashion struggles you can relate to when you are broke

Nothing feels better than shopping when you just got paid, or when an unexpected amount of money comes in from somewhere. But what about those times you have to shop when you are broke? Maybe just right before an important event or date, or when you run out of all your beauty supplies smack in the middle of the month when almost all of your salary has already gone to booze and food. If you’ve ever had to, then you can relate to these struggles.

  1. When you are shopping online, and you always have to sort whatever you are shopping for to show the stuff with the lowest prices first.
  2. When you are shopping for makeup but cannot afford any of your regular brands, so you have to settle for cheaper brands you know are shit, so you go back home like.
  3. When you pick up a dress or pair of shoes you love in a store, then hear that it will cost you whatever money you have left in your account, so you drop it back like.
  4. When you know you can’t afford anything in a particular store but you still walk round the aisles looking like.
  5. This is you once you see a major sales deal from any of your favourite stores.
  6. When your salary finally comes through and you go all out the first week, buying everything you would have bought when you were broke.
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