For Noble Igwe’s birthday, we are raiding his Instagram for style tips

Noble Igwe, style influencer and one of the creative heads behind StyleVitae celebrates his birthday today. In the two years since Style Vitae launched, Igwe has dusted off his fashionisto tag and shown us what a real glo-up looks like. Everyone has gushed in excelsis about his eclectic pairings and unique sartorial choices so we won’t rehash that. What we’ve always been lusting after are his accessories. Igwe’s eye for accessories is amazing and has helped elevate many of his looks. Want to jack his style- figuratively of course? These are the things you should be looking at.

His sneaker collection.

If there is anything Noble Igwe is currently known for (other than his one of a kind glo-up) it’s his vast collection of sneakers. Setting him apart from the wingtip wearing crowd and the played out loafer posse (*sideyes* Covenant University’s ‘fashionistos,’) Igwe infuses a dash of athletic chic into his most formal looks with his playful sneakers. Add a few to your wardrobe and watch your stuff style turn to easy casual.



His cane.

The cane is a recent addition to Noble’s accessory cache, but he rocks it so good  we’re wondering what took him so long. A cane might be a bit of a stretch for you, (or anyone who isn’t Noble Igwe) so we’d suggest you bask in admiration and give it a decade.

Got some hot sauce in my agbada *swag*

His collection of baseball hats

With his brooding eyes and full beard, a baseball hat is fashion heaven on Noble Igwe, and he knows. Like, HE KNOWS. That’s why he has so many of them. We used to believe that there was such a thing as too many baseball hats, but we’ve been proven wrong. Don’t believe us, until you can rock a baseball hat this good, your opinion on the matter is non-admissible. Case dismissed.


What’s a slusssh kid without ’em shades? Noble never leaves home without a pair of them, preferably not for Luxxotica. Usually complementing or contrasting his outfit, we have come to live just as much for his choices in eyewear as we do his sartorial choices.


Specialty tees.

Whether they are Isi-agu tees or specialty made branded t-shirts with his face on them, Igwe always has a tee for every occasion, so we suggest you reach out to one of the specialty tee makers in your city and get you a one of kind t-shirt. It might not cost as much as a designer dud, but you’ll always stand out in them.


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