Genevieve magazine’s ‘Life In Bloom’ editorial is all sun, skin and sultry dresses

Is there anything quite like a well done editorial?

If the new Genevieve magazine editorial is anything to go by, we think not. To celebrate the coming of the rains and the summer collections finally debuting in stores, the team at Genevieve brought together some of our best designer frocks and shot an editorial that is as sultry as it is exultant. Ifeoma Odogwu describes the inspiration behind the collection as thus:

I love the familiar soothing smell, cool breeze and sense of calm that comes with the rains. Especially here in the tropics where the heat is consistently real. As a young fresh out of school rookie in Lagos though, I dreaded the rains. It meant longer waits at the bus-stop and for a split second when I thought the pouring had reduced, I would always forget my umbrella in countless buses. Then it would start pouring all over again. The worst part was getting my hair wet. How I disliked the horror of shower caps. I thought they were so razz. What if I mistakenly bump into my crush? Such struggle.  However one thing I always loved and still love is spring fashion. The bright colours, beautiful blossoming flowers and rich glow from our Live Life in Full Bloom editorial will add cheer and charm to your day.

With a hand painted full-skirted dress from Michael Schumacher the emerging womenswear label that debuted as part of the 2014 Lagos Fashion and Design Week Fashion Focus programme, Weizdhurm Franklyn, evening wear designer and another alum, high street brand Mango, veteran Zizi Cardow and new comer Sheye Oladejo, there’s a dress for every kind of woman.

There need to be more editorials like this, pictorials that primarily promote the clothes and the brands behind them, instead of the personalities wearing them. We need to appreciate our labels enough to let them take centre stage and it is amazing that Genevieve consistently does just that.


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