Vlisco’s Spring collection is ‘Bright and Beautiful’

African inspired print wax is now a big part of the fashion eco-system, finally outgrowing the negative stigma that has plagued it thanks to a myriad of African designers embracing and promoting the vibrant colours and psychedelic prints. International designers like Stella Jean and Viktor and Rolf have also embraced African inspired prints, incorporating the material into their body of work in varying degrees.

This provides the much needed incentive for the manufacturers of these fabrics to innovate and provide newer, more eclectic prints and prototypes. Dutch wax manufacture Vlisco has put itself once again at the forefront of this print-a-plosion with its new collection, Bright and Beautiful.

Inspired by the Hippie-love and burgeoning sci-fi movements of the early 1960’s, the new fabric cache employs geometric designs that create plays on light and shadow and expand and contract proportions. Lattices and funhouse mirror psychedelic shapes are also strong elements in this collection, as are the many shades of Pink, Marsala, Orange and Green that form the colour wheel of this collection.

To properly capture the hippie vibe of the sixties and marry it with present trends, Vlisco takes the distinctive Dashiki, popularized in the 60’s by the Beatles and washes out the almost day-glo colours, replacing them with muted version and completely taking out the black. It’s a bit of a gamble, but one that will pay off in the right hands.

With a gorgeous editorial set in the times, and beautiful mockup designs, Vlisco has us drooling, in a good way of course.

Vlisco Vlisco 20 Vlisco 19 Vlisco 18 Vlisco 17 Vlisco 16 Vlisco 15 Vlisco 14 Vlisco 13 Vlisco 12 Vlisco 11 Vlisco 10 Vlisco 9 Vlisco 8 Vlisco 7 Vlisco 6 Vlisco 4 Vlisco 5 Vlisco 3 Vlisco 2 Vlisco

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