How to wear a leather jacket (and keep your cool) in Lagos

Lagos is just hot, and I know you are all tired of hearing it. Saying it over and over again won’t change a thing but it is sha hot. But the heat and humidity doesn’t deter some fashion die-hards from rocking their leather jackets, even though they are highly impractical. But if for whatever reason, knowing that you live and work in Lagos, just bought a leather jacket, or maybe you just got back, and are not ready to get rid of your favourite leather jacket, here are some more practical ways to rock your leather jacket in Lagos.

  1. Just hold it in your hand, that way everybody gets to see you have a fancy new or very expensive leather jacket. You can hold it in the crook of your hand, swung over your shoulder wherever you go.
  2. Save it for rainy days or the harmattan season. Even though harmattan afternoons can get rather hot, you can wear it early in the morning and evenings.
  3. Wear it around your waist. It will never look as good as when you do it with a denim or plaid shirt, but at least you get to wear your leather jacket.
  4. Wear it fashion week style, just hanging off your shoulders without sticking your arms through the sleeves. Even though you can’t do anything remotely practical wearing a jacket like this, at least you look like a young Denzel (or almost anyway).
  5. Just free it. Face it, leather jackets were not made for Lagos weather, let go of it already. I know it’s hard because honestly you can’t not look bad ass in a leather jacket.
  6.  Don’t get us wrong we love leather jackets but if you are for comfort over fashion, get rid of it. On the other hand if you believe firmly that fashion is pain, then you can sweat it out with your jacket, we won’t judge.
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