Identity by Fifi ‘s SS16 collection fails at cohesion

A lot of people might not realise this, but there are definite, logical reasons why a cache of clothes curated by a designer and offered to a buying public is called a ‘collection’.

The word collection itself suggests a meaning; a curation of pieces that explore or address a similar idea. This is why we have buzzwords like ‘trends’ and ‘themes’ that are used to describe collections. Because trends describe where a designer’s collection shares similarities with other designers, and themes to describe the ideas that span through the individual collections, uniting individual pieces.

Identity by Fifi’s Spring 16 collection can only barely be called a collection. What it is, is a regular, somewhat well executed set of clothes photographed and presented together. Sans the fact that the clothes are well made, and made by a single designer, there is almost literally nothing, that ties the collection together. The collection has no press notes, and no instantly recognizable themes or design quirks that tie the pieces together. It presents an example of why a lack of self education or formal education about fashion beyond dress construction leads to ill-informed designers throwing money at concepts they barely understand.

This shouldn’t have been called a collection. It would have worked better as a catalogue, or even an editorial (not really, but we’d at least have overlooked it). Words have meaning. And to name a thing, is to ask people to judge it by the meaning of the name. And this, however well intentioned it is, is simply not a collection.

Identity by Fifi identitybyfifi_8 identitybyfifi_7 identitybyfifi_6 identitybyfifi_5 identitybyfifi_4 Identity 3 Identity 2 Identity

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Photo Credit:
Photographer: @Xamanistudios
Model: Onyinye Okakwu @beautifulonyinye_
Styling: The iDENTITY By Fifi team
Makeup: Opeyemi Omowole @Bloommakeovers

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