Just In: Kwen Akomaye lands cover of GQ Style South Africa

It has been a great two years  for Nigerian models in South Africa. First off a slew of models get signed to South African modelling agencies, the newest of whom is Olamide Ogundele- she is already fronting campaigns and editorials there by the way. Then in October 2015, golden boy Toyin Oyeneye becomes the first Nigerian model to land a double cover of GQ Style South Africa, a feat he repeated in April 2016, becoming the first Nigerian model to land an editorial in Elle South Africa.

Toyin O 2 Toyin O


Toyin in Rich Mnisi for Elle SA's 20th Issue.
Toyin in Rich Mnisi for Elle SA’s 20th Issue.

Now Kwen Akomaye has landed the coveted GQ Style SA cover spot for the magazine’s movement issue. This is his first international magazine cover,- he has covered Nigeria’s This Day Style,- and this should open him up to a myriad of new opportunities.

Two Nigerian models covering GQ Style SA is more than amazing, it’s a revolution, and we’re glad to see it happen. Kwen and Oyeneye made our list of top 50 names to watch in fashion and already the prophecies are self fulfilling.

Here are a few behind the scenes clips from the shoot explaining the editorial, and lots of Akomaye. Enjoy.

A video posted by kwen Mayè (@mannikwen) on

A video posted by kwen Mayè (@mannikwen) on

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