Ladies, these 8 items must always be in your bag

We ladies lug around a surprising amount of junk in our handbags everyday. Seriously, our bags always weigh a ton even when we don’t need about half of the crap we put in it- do you really need five different types of lipstick everyday?

Just so you don’t get rid of the important stuff when de-cluttering your hand bag, here are 5 things that should always be in it.

  1. Pads/Tampons just in case of an emergency
  2. Lip balm or whatever lipstick you use that day.
  3. Powder compact
  4. Sample size perfume.
  5. Hair brush/comb (please keep it clean.)
  6. Hand cream.
  7. Extra hair bands, because there’s nothing more unreliable than these babies.
  8. Extra cash in a zipped compartment of your bag, so you are not left in a fix if you lose your wallet.


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