Ladies stop douching your vaginas already

One day, somebody somewhere -probably not even a woman- decided it was a good idea to get women to douche their vaginas.

I should probably explain what douching is, for anyone who doesn’t know, it basically is the washing or flushing of the vagina with water or other fluids. This sounds harmless, I mean what else are you supposed to wash it with, but with douching you have to insert the water or in some cases water mixed with other fluids, into the vagina with a squeeze bottle with a nozzle meant for that, completely flushing out your vaginal fluids.

Most people who douche, do so for popular reasons like getting rid of odour (which in most cases is just the regular smell of the vagina), or as part of their grooming routines. And there are the crazier reasons like, trying to prevent a sexually transmitted infection  or getting rid of one. The truth is regular douching could actually cause these problems (except the STI of course,) instead of getting rid of them.

Vaginal douches packaged and sold by most companies, usually contain a mix of water, baking soda, vinegar or iodine. If introducing these things into your vagina doesn’t bother you, then the fact that douching with anything at all affects its PH balance should. When this happens, you are open to an increased risk of yeast or bacterial vaginal infections.

So put down the douches ladies, your vagina cleans itself just like a cat does (wait is that why it’s called pussy?)

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