This is why your knee hurts when you run

The fastest and easiest workout for any fitness lover and lazy slobs like me just trying to finally get our summer body on is a run. Running has a ton of benefits apart from just helping you keep fit, like improved health conditions and even helping to clear up your skin. So it’s no surprise you are seeing more and more people on your early morning or evening runs.

The problem a rather large number of people have with running is a constant knee ache they can’t seem to get rid off. If you can relate to this, you should know that this ache isn’t just you “feeling the burn” and continuing to run on the hurting knee is not advisable.

A health study shows that people who run in a completely erect position are putting more pressure on their knees, and this is what could be causing your knee ache. If your ache is a sharp pain and not a dull throb however, you might have sprained something and should get that knee checked out as soon as possible.

One solution to relieving your knee aches, is to lean slightly forward when you run this helps reduce the amount of stress placed on your knee joint. Try this on your next couple of runs, and you’ll be sure to feel the difference in your knees.

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