Liya Kebede’s ethical brand Lemlem is our discovery of the day

Ethiopian super model Liya Kebede has always been known for her efforts to give back to Africa through Africa and her collaboration with the United Nations Food Project and the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

She is taking her activism one step further by entering the ethical fashion business with her ethical label Lemlem.


Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where Kebede is from, Lemlem (which means ‘Bloom’ in Amharic and founded all the way back in 2007) uses locally made cotton manufactured using world renowned Ethiopian hand weaving techniques preferred for its delicateness and intricate patterns. Kebede partners particularly with local Ethiopian weavers, providing them a much needed income comparative to factory workers in first world countries.

By using local weavers, Ethiopia’s unique weaving techniques are preserved and celebrated while providing an ethical way for the world to interact with Ethiopian people and culture.

The handmade process #MeetTheMakers

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Proud to introduce Meselech Zerdjo #teamlemlemAfrica #MeetTheMakers #TheHandmadeProcess

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With nine years of operation, Lemlem has grown from a tiny niche ethical brand to proper fashion powerhouse in Ethiopia expanding it’s operations to full scale manufacturing and production. But Kebede and team behind Lemlem has opted to keep it’s hand weavers and factories in Ethiopia where they can continue to benefit the local people.

We love that international models of African descent are giving back in tangible, ethical, sustainable ways, and we love Lemlem’s beautiful minimalist prints and pieces.

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