Mastering the art of showing side boob

Showing of a little cleavage, in low cut tops and dresses is old news,and the side boob is the new fun and flirty way to show off the girls. The side boob trend is especially great because when done right it’s the perfect balance between sexy and tasteful, and unlike with cleavages we A cups get to enjoy the fun too. Showing too much side boob could however leave you looking more sleazy than sexy, but how much is too much? Check out our tips for mastering the art of showing side boob to find out.

  1. You are going to have to ditch your bra, but if you have a large cup size and need the support you’ll have to tape your boobs up, depending on what you are wearing. Loose fit dresses will definitely require some tape, but some well fitting dresses could give you all the support you need. If you don’t need to tape up your boobs, but aren’t comfortable with freeing your nipples, then you’ll have to tape those up too.
  2. Tanks with low cut armholes, are perfect for casually rocking the trend, make sure the armholes aren’t too wide or low to avoid wardrobe malfunctions like a nipple slip.
  3. Keep the rest of your outfit simple. The usual rules guiding showing off skin apply with the side boob, if you are already showing a lot of leg, cover up the girls and vice versa. Showing a little side boob, in a dress with a thigh high slit is the one exception to the rule.
  4. How much side boob you should show depends mostly on how much you are comfortable with, but you should know that what makes up the side boob, is the curve of the outside of your breasts and showing off anything more than that isn’t quite in line with the trend.
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