Mules are so so in! Here are 10 amazing picks from Instagram

They’re so strenuous to wear especially the heeled ones as they put pressure on the middle part of the feet…*don’t know what it’s called* but they’re super amazing still“, TSS team member, Roqeebah says.

She, like everyone else on the team, is drawn in by this 2016 shoe trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Around here, most of our days are spent forwarding photos of all the fancy mules that ever liveth on Instagram to one another. Can’t blame us!

You know the thing about mules that makes it super exciting? It’s how your feet can slide in and out without effort because these shoes are backless and strapless too. Has life ever been any easier?

Because they can come in fur, leather, velvet, jacquard, lace, suede etc etc and in flats, mid-heels, block heels, stilettos etc etc etc, they are appropriate for nearly every occasion.

Here are 10 of our favourite picks from Instagram:

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