5 types of sneakers you should invest in

Every celebrity is jumping into making footwear, sneakers especially. You name them, they’ve tried to make sneakers; Rihanna with Puma, Rita Ora with Adidas, Kanye West’s Yeezy Boosts, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Pharrell, Tinie Tempah; you get the idea.

Sneakers are important. But there are so many of them, and so many types, it can get a little overwhelming having to decide what you most certainly need in your shoe rack. We found this video from GQ with the owner of Kith, a menswear line that simplifies this for us.  We wont bore you with any details, and just let the video do the talking.

So let’s reacap.
You need running sneakers, because everyone needs sneakers that are made to withstand wear and tear and are guaranteed to last you a thousand years (we’re allowed to exaggerate). So pass over the Yeezy 350’s when youre shopping for durables.

The basketball sneaker (because though we don’t mountain hike, we have heavy duty boots)  s all about the aesthetics

The travel Sneaker, that pair of sneakers that are understated and you can wear for hours and hours without getting cramps or worse.

The Sneaker boot. Not to be confused with Doc Martens or industrial boots. It has the sole of boot and chassis of a sneaker, match made in heaven.

The Suit sneaker. Because Noble Igwe has blazed the trail for us, several times.


There you have it guys, go out and prosper.

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