SA Fashion Week 16: Its sun and safari at Naked Ape

Only recently expanding it’s services from an exclusive bespoke line that catered privately to South Africa’s fashion elite following the launch of it’s flagship store, to adding a ready to wear line to reach a whole different demographic, Shaldon Kopman’s Naked Ape has had an interesting few years. Creative director Shaldon Kopman’s extensive experience as a stylist means that he is not wont to make anything that cannot be thrown on by the least discerning of buyers. And it shows in his Spring 16 collection.

Forgoing loftier ideas, Kopman focuses on two simple themes for his new collection, sun and safari’s.  It is his first ready to wear collection so it isn’t surprising that the collection prominently features tailored suits, a staple of his work in bespoke design. But do not be fooled, Naked Ape’s suits are anything but pedestrian. The designer experiments with embroidery, using it to create blocks of pinstripes on suit sleeves and pant legs. Combined with a pseudo stripe print created by blocking multi-hued squares, Kopman creates expressive day suits straight out a 90’s music video or fancy film set.

Flimsy knit sweaters and hooded vest help complete the laissez faire look that the designer strives to create, as do cotton and silk shawls, worn as dress, draped over shoulders,  worn as scarves. There is so much ease in this collection, that you don’t worry about bougie concepts like advancing fashion, or pushing limits. This collection asks you to walk into a store and walk out, already dressed for your holiday.

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