So the men have some questions for us ladies

I got stuck with a bunch of my male friends the other day, and after debating who is better between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for hours, the topic as it always does with men, moved to women. I’m not sure what they were arguing about but one of them turned to me and went “come, Toke, we even have some questions for you people sef.” Just so you guys know this conversation dragged on till the next day after that statement. The questions just kept coming and coming, some I had answers for, some I didn’t. So I decided to compile all the questions, exactly as they put them to me, for the ladies to answer.


  1. Why do you guys open your mouths, when putting on your makeup? Is that the secret to it all? Like if the mouth isn’t open the makeup won’t be fine or something?
  2. Do you ladies really need to spend so much time on your makeup, or is it all a conspiracy to frustrate the hell out of us?
  3. There is nothing like PMSing right? Like is it just a scam you guys play on us once a month to get us to do anything you want?
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  4. How can you tell the difference between cheap and expensive weave? Because I can’t tell the difference between the one that’s 10k, and the one that’s like 70k or something.
  5. Do girls sleep face down? If you do, how does it work with the boobs, do they like prop you up or something? Is it uncomfortable?
  6. How on earth do you guys spend so much on makeup? My sister calculated the worth of her makeup purse the other day, and it was about a hundred thousand. No I think the question should be why the hell do you guys spend so much on makeup?
  7. Why do you guys always go like “it’s just funny how?”, immediately after telling us not to worry about something.
  8. I don’t get the fake friends thing you guys do sha. How can you be pals with people you don’t like. You’ll now be commenting “yasss” and “slay” on their Instagram pictures.

Hope you guys have some answers for them.

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