Meet Temi Dollface; music maven, style icon

Temi Dollface is one of the few names that is equally revered in both fashion and music circles. This is not an easy thing to pull off.

Temi Phil-Ebosie, better known as Temi Dollface is your muse’s muse. She returned to the music industry after a long stint doing the underground music circuit in Europe. She quickly gained recognition for her unique style of music, an eclectic mash of cabaret style music, afro-pop and pantomime she calls drama soul.

Temi Dollface

Her 2013 music video Pata Pata was her first big teaser of what she could really do. The video was a period piece that parodied the sexist advertisment leanings of the late 1950s to early 1960s and Temi Dollface was actively involved in the entire process, from hand crafting her costumes to styling the actors on set.

She also was actively involved in the period accurate set for the music video, choosing the colour palette and ensuring every detail was attended to. The Pata Pata video is amazing. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Temi is also a style maven. Her style leans towards retro and she calls her personal style AweDacious, a mix of retro and trendy pieces, usually inherited from her stylish matriarchs. She is very hands-on in her own style, crafting many of the pieces that constitute her image as Temi Dollface.

This bib from the Pata Pata video used to belong to her grandmother.
This bib apron from the Pata Pata video used to belong to her grandmother.

She also has some of the most important people in Nigerian fashion as her friends, including the inimitable Maki Oh.

Temi and Maki in Maki Oh. Inception, innit?
Temi and Maki in Maki Oh. Inception, innit?

They aren’t just friends, they are also collaborators, working together on a series of fashion portraits released to coincide with the release of Temi Dollface’s single, School your face and the Collectiv3 Ep.

Temi Many faces of Temi
Temi pulls off any look so easily.

She has scored a Vogue Runway article listing as one of he top 10 most stylish Nigerian women. Get into Temi Dollface if you haven’t already. She is definitely worth the hype.

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