These are the 5 reasons you keep breaking out

A lot of people with acne prone skin, are always confused as to why they keep breaking out. Especially when they follow all the regular beauty rules – wash your face twice a day, stay away from sugary and oily foods or change your sheets regularly.

If you seem to be doing everything by the book when it comes to your acne, and it just keeps getting worse, these are the probable reasons.

  1. You are using the wrong products.
    In fact, the product you are using might just be what’s making your acne worse. Your face wash and scrub may be too harsh for your face, thereby irritating it constantly. If you are getting a very tingly feeling from acne products that do not contain any minty type of ingredient, then that product is probably irritating you.
  2. You are over-cleansing.
    Cleansing your face four times a day will not make the product work faster, you are just going to end up irritating your skin, and that’s probably why you are running through cleansers faster than your tampons.
  3. Not moisturising.
    Most people with very oily skin tend to think that not moisturising their faces will somehow help. The only problem is whether you moisturise your face or not, your skin is still going to be oily and you can’t really do anything to change that. Secondly if you don’t moisturise your face after washing or cleansing, your skin feels dried out and tries to correct this by producing even more oil, leading to even more breakouts.
  4. Popping your pimple.
    You know that myth that went around in secondary school, that if the pus of a popped pimple touches another part of your face, a pimple will show up there. Yeah, that’s not true,  I don’t even think it is scientifically possible. However popping your pimples does lead to scarring and even infections from bacteria introduced by your fingers, so stop it.
  5. You are wearing too much makeup
    Piling on concealer and foundation during a breakout is oh so tempting, because this fleek business is real, but you are not giving your face the space to clear itself up. If you really cannot imagine stepping out without makeup, go for water and mineral based products.
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