The big chop vs transitioning: We’ve settled the debate

For ladies with relaxed hair who are hair trying to go natural, you either transition – slowly grow out your natural hair, while trimming off the relaxed parts from time to time, or you go for the big chop and cut off all of the relaxed parts at once. A lot of people argue that going for the big chop is better than transitioning, for the growth and health for your natural hair, while those who transition argue that there is really no difference. Is the big chop really the best option for those going natural? We finally settle the debate.

First of all. the major advantage the big chop has over transitioning is that people who opt for it, find it easier to focus on caring for their natural hair, unlike transitioners, who have to care for both the natural and relaxed parts separately, all the while battling breakage of the relaxed parts as their natural hair continues to grow longer. As to those who opt for the big chop seeing quicker hair growth, that’s just a myth, it only seems like that because they are able to take extra care of their hair.

Whichever method of going natural you go for, just make sure to take good care of your hair. For transitioners your hair needs more attention than people who just chop it all of and start from scratch. If you are not quite ready for a drastic change, when it comes to your hair then transitioning is for you. But for transitioners, the urge to just switch back to relaxers when care for your hair becomes difficult is greater.

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