3 workout hacks for girls with DD cup boobs

Working out for ladies with larger than average boobs can be pretty uncomfortable, but that shouldn’t stop you from keeping fit. Since you can’t do anything about the size of your babies, these tips should help make your workout more comfortable.

The problem: You can’t get them to stop bouncing all over the place when working out.
Solution: Get a better sports bra, it honestly makes all the difference. You don’t realize how rubbish your regular sports bra is until you get a really good one.

The problem: Persistent back/chest pains
Solution: Certain exercises are not meant for you, avoid anything that involves you engaging in repetitive jumping motions. If you can’t avoid such exercises, support your sports bra with a regular bra under. It is uncomfortable at first but better for your back. You should also add core exercises to your routine to strengthen your back to support the girls.

The problem: They make you super self conscious
Solution: You don’t need to join a gym to keep fit, except you want to become a bodybuilder. Go for early morning runs instead of evening or midday runs, as less people will be out at that time.


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