You should totally steal these 5 items from your dad’s closet

For most ladies, stealing stuff out of our friends or female relatives’ closets  isn’t new to us. Some of us have gotten into more fights than we might want to admit to, over a stolen shirt or pair of shoes. But instead of dragging clothes with your sister, you should try raiding your dad’s closet for new outfits. At least you know he’ll never steal something of yours back as a revenge.

These are the 5 things you should pick out of your dad’s closet.

  1. A button down shirt.
    Oversized button down shirts paired with ripped skinny jeans and a pair of heels is a very stylish look.
  2. A traditional top.
    Whether you are Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa, wearing your dad’s traditional top as a dress or with a pair of leggings is actually in, and unlike most trends like this, we love it. We really can’t help but be sold on it, when we see people rock it like this.
  1. A traditional hat.
    If your dad is Igbo, you should totally snatch one of his traditional red hats. It might not seem like it but you can wear it on almost any outfit for a quick stylish look, or when you are just having a bad hair day.
    LFDW 2014 DAY TWO1
  2. An over sized t shirt.
    You can roll up the sleeves and knot it at the back for a casual laid back look or slice off the sleeves and rip it for a more Kanye style look.
  3. A wrist watch.
    You should probably not take that one that the price might be equivalent to the amount of school fees he has spent on you in your lifetime, but masculine watches always look good on women.
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