4 things your closet is probably lacking

No matter how often we go shopping for clothes and accessories, we always seem to leave these items out. If you take a peek in your closet you’ll find that they are most likely in dire need of being replaced.

  1. Baseball hat
    Baseball hats provide a perfect stylish protection from the sun, and unlike a couple of seasons back when they were reserved for sporty looks, they can be worn on anything and cater to all personal styles. So it’s time to replace that ratty one you’ve had for years, with a couple of stylish looking ones.
  2. Lingerie
    Most ladies don’t shop for lingerie on the spur of the moment like with other clothes, there usual has to be a reason or occasion that requires them to buy new lingerie.
  3. Sweatpants
    Like with baseball hats, sweatpants are evolved from being strictly athletic wear, to casual wear. Get a couple in fun colors and prints, unlike the old pair you wear to the gym and enjoy the trend while it’s in.
  4. Sunglasses
    There are way too many fun shapes and sizes of sunglasses in trend to stick to thee same pair you’ve been wearing for the past couple of years, your closet is calling for a couple more.
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