Bushy brows, neck scarves and 3 other beauty trends that need to make a comeback now

Lately a lot of 80s and 90s styles having been making huge comebacks on the runways. Some we love and some we despise, while some are yet to make their comeback.

These are the style and beauty trends we hope make a comeback very soon.

  1. Bushy brows.
    Cara Delvingne and Solange Knowles have been the lead mascots for bushy brows but for some reason they have still not made a comeback.
  2. Neck scarves.
    I think these make any outfit look regal if worn properly. Balmain make some incredible ones and everyone knows you can’t not look good in Balmain.
  3. Comb hair bands.
    Can you remember these? You probably had a ton in secondary school in different colours and some with those shiny little stones on them. They were so practical, I loved the way they used to comb every strand of hair in place when putting them on.
  4. Popcorn tops.
    I can’t be the only one who loved these as a kid right? I loved the way they used to shrink up once you take them off, that’s probably the only reason I want them to make a comeback.download
  5. Cloche hats.
    I know it’s very British and very 60s and might make you look like you are going for a Great Gatsby costume party, but cloche hats are so classy looking. You can pretend to be part of the royal family in one of these.
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