We asked 6 Nigerian parents how they feel about their kids tattoos

Nigerian parents are largely conservative, and so the mention of anything along the lines of getting a tattoo or piercing is sure to invoke the usual “not in my house” “over my dead body!”, type of responses. We talked to these typical Nigerian parents, whose kids got tatted on rather inconspicuous parts of their bodies, and got them to open up on how they really feel about their tattoos.

Mrs. Fadakinte

Ah! Please what do you want me to do? When I will not cut off the hand, but wahala will start if he should stop passing exams, because it was tattoo he was doing when his mates were reading.

Mr. Nwabunike

I was just looking at her, it is because I didn’t send her to UNILAG now. She’s still young, I’ve told her in another 5 years she’ll regret it.

Mr. Egwim

 It has been a couple of years I think since he got it done that is. I was most worried about it hindering him from getting job opportunities and such. But apart from it being an eyesore, it poses no problem really.

Mrs. Adesanya

Wo, these children ehn. It’s the both of them that even have, this one went to carry her younger sister to go and do it for God knows what reason, it’s because they think they are too old for beating now. Iranu.

Mrs. Ogbeni 

It’s just indiscipline and irresponsibility, I’ve sha warned him to make sure he keeps it covered so long as he is in this house.

Mrs. Funso 

It is not even his fault, his father had one too. I tried to stop him from getting it, but there’s only so much I can do now.

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