6 solutions to your backless clothes woes

We all love backless clothes, they are super feminine and sexy, and you can’t help but feel like a young Bey in something like a backless dress. The only problem with backless clothes is how to give your boobs the support it needs without wearing a regular bra which would ruin the look. Here are 6 solutions to your backless clothes woes.

  1. Tape your boobs up
    I wrote about how using gaffer tape to hold your boobs up works like magic. However I did downplay how much it hurts taking the tape off at the end of the day, but beauty is pain right?
  2. If you have small boobs that need little or no support then the only thing you need to do is tape your nipples, so they are not on attention all day.
  3. Clear back strap bra
    This is basically a strapless bra, with a transparent back strap which is supposed to make you look like you aren’t wearing a bra. In reality it is not invisible, and so not my favourite option but it certainly is a way better option than wearing a regular bra.
  4. Stick on bras
    These don’t work for anyone above a C cup, but actually proves adequate for people who aren’t, without the wahala of straps and hooks.
  5. Sew in bra cups 
    You can get your dress or top altered to  include sew in bra cups to give you some invisible support.
  6. Just let them hang
    It’s just boobs, sometimes just let them hang, the world won’t stop and you won’t die.
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