6 life saving style tips for meeting your boyfriend’s mother the first time

Meeting the future mother-in-law is usually the make or break point of a relationship, especially when your boyfriend’s name is Ayo and everybody calls his mother “Mummy Ayo.”

Once the mother-in-law says “Femi I don’t like this girl” that is the beginning of the end of your relationship, whether you want to admit it or not. So you can see how important it is to make a good first impression on your future mother in law.

In other to support your movement for #CommitOrCommot2016, we have come up with a couple of style tips for the great meet:

  • If it has  a slit, very see through lace or mesh material, don’t wear it. It doesn’t matter if the slit is 2 inches or you wore something else under that sheer top, just don’t wear it.
    If you are tired of the relationship, you can go like this
    If you are tired of the relationship, you can go like this
  • No bodycon. There is no need to show her what you are using to keep her son locked down, the only kind of skills you should be showing off to her are your cooking and cleaning skills.
  • Keep your 28 inch Filipino bone straight hair (that he bought). Go and braid or rock your natural hair. If you are braiding, the only colours you are allowed to use are colours 1 and 2 (so no 33).
  • Don't even use 6
    Don’t even use 6
  • Tone down the makeup, go for a more natural look than usual. You need to show her that you are willing to invest your time into looking after her son and not painting your face.
  • Your Louis and Michael Kors bags, drop them at home. Don’t show her what her son is spending their hard earned money on.
  • If you have a long maxi skirt you’ve been saving (without slit o), now is the best time to wear it. You can pair it with any top that isn’t too low cut, or too tight or see through. So with something like this.

You are good to go.

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