6 items you must give your ex this year

Not all relationships end in heartbreak and blocked numbers. For some us the fire just sizzles out over time, and we slowly drift apart. We often remain in cordial relationships with these kind of exes and deciding what to get them for birthdays and holidays is hard, especially when we are used to giving them sexy kinky stuff. So except you are throwing some “please take me back” hints at your ex here are some appropriate gifts to get your ex.

  1. A Shaving Kit

Yes its time he said goodbye to that beard the both of you grew together. You cant have another chick enjoying the spoils of your patience and goodwill. Get him a shaving kit set so he gets rid of the beard. He has to start from the bottom, its only right.

You can splurge on a fancy one so he knows there is no love lost between you guys.
  1. Adele’s 25 album

He’ll know why once he sees it.

  1. A Karma Sutra Book

So maybe your sex life was what brought an end to your relationship. Send him this book so he knows.

  1. Prescription Glasses

He could be short sighted, or long sighted or even have perfect eyesight. Get him a pair of prescription glasses, because he clearly wasn’t seeing straight, when he left you.

  1. One Year Porn Hub Subscription

Get him a year’s worth of porn to keep him company, seeing as he wont be getting some any time soon. (well except he left you for someone else).

  1. A cookbook

Show him how to find his way around a kitchen, since you wont be doing that for him anymore.

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