This harmattan, you musn’t leave home without these 5 items


Are you ready for the harmattan? We all had retired our winter fashions and started buying flimsy clothing when whoosh, out of nowhere, it’s cold, dry and dusty again.

We at The Other Style are always prepared so we decided to share our harmattan must haves.

Shea Butter. 

Smells like heaven
Smells like heaven

What are you doing outside your house during the Harmattan if you’re not appropriately moisturised? Many people prefer other moisturisers but we are firmly team natural and suggest Shea butter. Shea butter is a humectant like Hyaluronic acid and is world renowned for its moisturising abilities. Best of all, it is indigenous to Nigeria. We know you’re not quite ready to experiment with the ‘virgin’ stuff so we’ll recommend Nigerian brand Kinky Apothecary’s whipped shea batter. It’s smooth, feels great and smells like heaven.

Pretty Scarves.

Ituen Basi
Ituen Basi
Orange Culture
Orange Culture

Scarves are going to become a staple in your wardrobe if the harmattan doesn’t let up anytime soon. Scarves are versatile, they keep you warm while keeping you stylish. You might want something as big as Ituen Basi’s commemorative scarves from her Fall 2015 collection, or something as small as Orange by Orange Culture’s strip scarves. Whichever you prefer we can only ask that you rock it well.


bloke 2 Bloke

There is nothing like a good sweater to drive away the blistering cold. You might not want to shell out the big bucks for a fancy sweater from an international brand but still get value for your money, so go instead for our home grown brands. Bloke NG is a dedicated knitwear brand that has released two distinct collections, our favourite is their Fall 15 Intarsia knit sweater, isn’t it gorge?


OC 21
Orange Culture
Adeju Thompson's System Error, if you love Yohji
Adeju Thompson’s System Error, if you love Yohji

There is nothing like a snazzy jacket to keep away the cold and keep you looking stylish. Shed those dowdy lined jackets in your wardrobe and pick something that will move from harmattan to rainy season with this Orange by Orange Culture leather wrap jacket with elbow cut outs, or go for broke with an Adeju Thompson oversized jacket from his Spring 15 System error collection, bound to set you apart in a crowd.


All socks

All Socks has something for everyone
All Socks has something for everyone

Not to forget the all-important but often forgotten accessory, a good pair of socks. What better than stocking up for the harmattan than actually supporting Nigerian brands while you are at it. Grab a pair of men’s socks or pantyhose or even children’s leggings from All Socks Ng and give everyone around a burst of life with a pop of colour every time your ankles show


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